Hundred Days Into the Worlds Largest Protest: Where Are We now

Why it started, how it's fairing, and what the response has been like

Pictured is a farmer in the field in India. Image taken by Anath BS licensed under CC BY 2.0

A little bit of history.

In the 1960s, India’s farmers were struggling to earn money through their practice, and famine rose. The government decided to pair up with Americans to figure out a way to intervene and increase food grain production, in what is known as the Green Revolution. However, while increasing food grain production, they overused chemical fertilizers and pesticides causing some land to become infertile. While many crops suffered, foods such as rice and wheat production took off, creating a food surplus.

The problem.

Farmers have been rallying against the current system for years. Because the agriculture industry has been on the decline, many farmers are struggling to make a living. In 2015, the average farming household lived off 6,491 INR, which is 89 USD/month. With this income, individuals could barely afford the basic necessities and were unable to pay back their debts. Unfortunately, this led to the rise in suicide rates. According to the Indian Journal of Medical Research, every day 28 farmers die by suicide in India.

Pictured is Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Image taken by licensed under CC BY 4.0.

The protest.

Pictured is the farmers’ protest in India. Image taken by Randeep Maddoke licensed under CC0

The response.

Back in December, the Modi government offered to meet with farmers but rejected their demand for the withdrawal of the bills. The Indian government continues to insist that these laws will benefit the farmers despite their raging concerns.

“It would be like if we went to work, and there was no longer a minimum wage. They feed us. It’s up to us to stand up for them.”

People all over social media continue to share updates on what’s happening in India, and raise support for the farmers and their families. The farmers' protest has also captured the attention of famous Hollywood celebrity, Rihanna, as she tweeted her support to the families in India.

Rihanna’s tweet about the farmers’ protest in India.

Current Updates.

Farmers are still settling at the highway of New Delhi as they continue to fight for the laws that could destroy their practice. Farmers could run into problems as summer temperatures reach 45C, however, they remain unfazed, and claim they won’t back down until they get what they deserve. They also claim that protests will soon spread all over the country, and despite nearing India’s major harvest season, they still will not back down.

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