How Cope’s trial revealed the disturbing truths of the legal system

Left is Billy Wayne Cope, and right is Amanda Cope. Image from the NY Daily Times.

The Narrative.

Back in November 2001, a twelve-year-old girl, Amanda Cope, was found brutally murdered and raped in her own home, in South Carolina. Her father, Billy Wayne Cope, found her dead body in her room and called 911. He would later confess to the crime, not once but three…

How Charles Lindberg’s fame led his tragedy to become a global sensation

Charles Lindbergh Sr. Photo was taken from the Library of Congress.

Charles Lindbergh was your ordinary individual — a young boy with the dream of becoming a pilot. He was born in Detroit, Michigan, and spent most of his childhood in Washington, D.C. He wanted to join the United States Army Air Force but was turned down because they weren’t in…

Science freed Tapp from a wrongful conviction when the law didn’t.

Pictured is Angie Dodge. Image from

The narrative.

This narrative begins on June 13, 1996, when 18-year old, Angie Dodge was brutally raped and murdered in her apartment in Idaho Falls. For a whole year, police struggled to find the culprit, fortunately, justice found a way.

On January 5, 1997, a local Idaho man, Benjamin Hobbs…


Please teach your kids to be humble because flex culture is killing us all.

Dear Parents,

I remember back in seventh grade when the “popular” kids in my class had cell phones. Blackberry, iPhone, and Samsung were the style back then. I remember watching my fellow classmates flaunt their phones every chance they got. Even though phones weren’t allowed in class, they had subtle…

How misinformation about a small tissue is causing women so much trouble

Photo by Ava Sol on Unsplash

Women are held to different standards than men. This is nothing new, even in the 21st century. The idea surrounding women being “pure” and “unpure” has been around for a very long time. The purity of a woman is solely based on virginity, that is, the state of never having…

Why it started, how it's fairing, and what the response has been like

Pictured is a farmer in the field in India. Image taken by Anath BS licensed under CC BY 2.0

Last week marks 100-days since farmers took to the streets of New Delhi to call the Modi government to act. In September 2020, Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, passed three bills regarding the farming industry without the consultation of the farmers. …

Here is how I help back as a broke college student

Photo by Matt Collamer on Unsplash.

We all have good in us. Many of us love to give back to the community that gave us so much yet we all have our own barriers that prevent us from doing so. For instance, I’m a college student and like most students, I’m swallowed in debt trying to…

The corruption of power in Hollywood and Bollywood

Pictured is Priyanka Chopra (top left), Vijay Chandrasekhar (top right), Vijay Chokalingam (bottom left), Mikhail Varshavski (bottom middle), and Lori Loughlin (bottom right).

Our world does not revolve around the sun, it revolves around celebrity culture. Almost all the decisions we make are directly or indirectly influenced by our favourite celebrity. Despite the fact that I am writing this article, I am no exception. And as unfortunate as it is, there are many…

It wasn’t just the inability to replicate Wakefield’s study that got his paper retracted

“Baby receiving vaccine,” by Amanda Mills, licensed under CC0.

Many people believe that vaccines can cause autism, despite years and years of research showing otherwise. This all started after the release of a 1998 paper by Wakefield and twelve of his co-authors that claimed there was a link between autism and the measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccine. Although…

Dedicated to all those who are kind to strangers

Photo by Adam Kadhim on Unsplash

TRIGGER WARNING: suicidal thoughts, bullying

My friend’s story begins here. She stood here five years ago, at a bus stop similar to this. The spot was familiar to her. She was here often.

We all remember the moments that change our life. The moments that give us another chance. No…


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